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If you are considering being an entrepreneur starting 2010 as a way to improve your financial standing and you  are looking at Real Estate Business as one of your top choice, then here are some tips on how you can take-off to a “PROFITABLE BUT INEXPENSIVE” start;

1. Secure first a Real Estate Broker’s License or Accreditation as Real Estate Salesperson– “REAL ESTATE SERVICE is both a PRACTICE of a PROFESSION and ENTREPRENEURSHIP.”  To practice the profession, first you will have to secure a Real Estate Broker’s License from The Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC).  The minimum requirement is that you have to be a college graduate of a relevant course such as Engineering, Architecture, Business Management, Social Sciences and the like.  You will have to pass the Board Examination for Real Estate Service and as a pre-requisite, you will have to undergo seminars and review on Real Estate Service with accredited institutions such as Philippine Association of Realtors Board (PAREB) or Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines (REBAP) as provided for in the REAL ESTATE SERVICE ACT OF THE PHILIPPINES or R.A. 9646 also known as R.E.S.A. LAW.

If you are not a college graduate, you can still have the opportunity to practice Real Estate Service by Accrediting as a Real Estate Salesperson.  The minimum requirement is that you must have completed 2ND year college education.   There is no Board Examination for being a Real Estate Salesperson.  However, you will have to secure the Accreditation through a licensed real estate broker who will be the one to sponsor and accredit you as a member of their realty company.

2. Once you have the License or Accreditation, start learning the profession by getting involved in “PROJECTS SELLING” such as selling of subdivision lots, housing or condominiums through a Real Estate Marketing Company such as RCD Realty Marketing Corporation.  One thing that is exciting in Real Estate Service Profession and Entrepreneurship is that you have the opportunity to learn and earn in 30 days or less even if you are still very new in the business by just following the step-by-step proven BUSINESS SUCCESS SYSTEM like the one used by our RCD Realty that has helped thousands of our Accredited Real Estate Salespersons who have achieved their financial and material goals.

3. Generally, there are three things that you have to be certain before you start joining a realty company as your jumping board to financial success and these are;

a.      What is all about Real Estate Service as a Profession and Entrepreneurship?
b.      Where is Real Estate Service as a Profession and an Entrepreneurship going to take you?
c.       Where is the prospective Realty Company you are considering to join going to take you?

      The answers to these questions has to satisfy you favorably so that there will be no regrets later on.  The answers must justify your decision to join a realty company not only for financial reasons but because you are looking into something that will be Permanent and Stable until physical obsolescence forces to stop practicing the profession.  Experience shows that thousands of potentially successful individuals who joined realty companies that did not satisfy above questions before joining a realty company ended up unsuccessful and never appreciated the “Professional and Entrepreneurial Concept of Real Estate Service”.  In other words, you are not only investing your time, effort and some other resources but you are putting on the line your “DREAMS and your FUTURE!”

 To summarize, your success in the Real Estate Service as a Professional and Entrepreneur will be based on the following business attributes, such as;

a.       The marketing company that you choose to join like RCD Realty should possessed the 3 C’s and these are:

a.1  CREDIBILITY– Image, Respect and Integrity – “No bad business record of unsatisfied clients and partners.”
a.2  CAPABILITY – Business Know-how and extensive experience – The realty company should be able to develop you as a reliable Real Estate Service Practitioner as part of the strategic growth program of the company.  “Your value should grow with the company.”
a.3  CAPACITY – Financial Capacity to finance the overall business operation of the company.  “The company to a certain degree should have financial muscle to implement its plans strategically and tactically.”

b.      PROVEN BUSINESS TRACK RECORD - Try to discover their record by asking other Real Estate Service Practitioners.  You can also check their credibility by calling the developers where they are accredited.  Is the marketing company one of the consistent producers?  Are they recognized as one of the top producing brokers?  “Always remember that people loves to join WINNERS!”

c.       UNPARALLELED INCOME POTENTIAL such as generous incentives program over and above commissions.  What do you get other than commissions? “Does the company releases commissions on time?”  

d.      Is the realty company in PARTNERSHIP with HIGHLY REPUTABLE DEVELOPERS with Very Marketable Projects that feature good project concept and location, buyer friendly pricing and terms?  Does the realty company have listings of projects that cater to a wider segment of the market such as low cost, medium cost and high-end.

e.       Does the realty company provide superior and timely BUSINESS SUPPORT SYSTEM such as;

e.1 FREE Sales Materials and Activities.
e.2 FREE Training on Sales and Management.
e.3 FREE Use of Tripping Vehicles.

f.       EXCEEDINGLY CAPABLE PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT - Are the members of the Top Management well educated and highly experience in the practice of Real Estate Service.  Does the management unselfishly share their experience as part of the company’s mentoring program  Do they have a Vision and Mission Statements as well as shared Corporate Values?  .  “These things make all the members of the organization feel secure in terms of management sincerity to conduct fair business practice.”

g.      DYNAMIC BUSINESS DIRECTIONSWhere is the company going?  What are its strategic plans?  What are the long term opportunities that the company provides in terms of diversification and business expansion?  These things will help you in deciding to stick it out with the company on a long term basis which will also affect the stability of your practice as a Real Estate Service Practitioner.  One of the secrets of success in Real Estate Service as a profession and entrepreneurship on a long term basis in the unending supply of inventories.  As the popular saying goes; “No Inventory, No Business, No Opportunity to Earn!”

If all of the above attributes are present in a realty company like RCD REALTY MARKETING CORPORATION, then the probability of your success will be highly predictable in a very short period of time. 


Post By: ARCH. REYNALDO B. DE LEON, VP for Business Development and Support Group, RCD Realty Marketing Corp.